Terms & Conditions:

This page covers the details constitutes the visitor’s agreement to follow and abide by the terms of use and other relevant policies of Mardams.com We at Mardams reserve the right to modify and amend the below-mentioned policies and terms of use at any time. Intellectual Property Rights Disclaimer We take intellectual property rights very seriously and have legal counsel on board for this. All of our website’s content including but not limited to, images, designs, videos, illustrations, graphics, and logo, etc are intellectual property owned and licensed by Mardams.com The use of any data or content from our website without explicit written consent is strictly prohibited. Mardams.com visitors are not allowed to publish, display, upload, amend, reproduce, distribute and/or sell any of our content in whole or in part whether that is for financial gain or for personal use; this is not just limited to our website but all data that’s uploaded to our social media and related accounts Website Content Mardams.com reserves the right to create or modify any information at their website related to the content, graphics, videos, or prices without prior notice; this includes modification of content even after the order is placed, though due to this, in the event of buyer’s dissatisfaction or disagreement, they are liable for a full refund. TERMS OF SALE Once an order is placed at our Mardams.com, the following workflow is triggered:

  1. The buyer’s personal information is stored in our database for order processing.
  2. The buyer’s financial details is checked by our merchant providers (PayPal or Stripe)and if they pass necessary security checks, the transaction is validated.

Once again, we would like to reiterate that we DO NOT process financial transactions on our website and we do not store Debit/Credit card details.

  1. Item is being manufactured (Most of our apparel is pre-sale and make to order)
  2. The item delivery cycle is 7 to 10 working days unless there are unavoidable delays caused by unforeseen circumstances for which customers are duly informed.
  3. This includes item manufacturing and delivery through expedited courier services.
  4. Item is shipped via expedited and reliable courier services, usually and most of the time with DHL and FedEx signed for deliveries.

Mardams.com reserves the right not to process any order for any reason whatsoever, this includes, but not limited to, stock unavailability, website maintenance, payment processing problems, description or pricing error, or in rare cases dubious customer activity and/or suspicious transaction. PRICING Our products are offered primarily in USD (United States Dollars), however for customers from other regions, we are also offering our products in GBP (Great British Pounds – £), Euro – €, CAD (Canadian Dollars) and AUD (Australian Dollars) Customers from countries other than the United States can pay in their local currencies conveniently without going through the hassle of currency conversion and exchange rates, If you wish to be billed in your local currency other than currencies mentioned above, you could choose USD to pay us and your card provider will charge you in your native currency as per their ForEx Rate. At Mardams.com, our prices are subject to be changed without any prior notice and we also reserve the right to introduce or end a promotion or discount any time. TAXES & IMPORT DUTIES Items offered at our website or any affiliated services/apps are exclusive of any levies or import duties, customers are requested to check with their local customs for any taxes or duties. Items could either be shipped from our factory in Asia or from our warehouse in United States. Some European countries impose taxes on imports from non-EU countries, same goes with South American and some Asian countries, hence duties and taxes are buyer’s responsibility if they are unable to pay the taxes or duties, the customs in their country may confiscate the item due to non-payment of taxes and in that case, we will not be able to help and shall not be held responsible for the financial loss of the customer. Links to other services or websites Mardams.com may link to other websites or services that are not owned by us. Hence we cannot take the responsibility of their behavior and activities, visitors are requested to check the privacy policy of those websites before entering any personal or financial information. Customers Reviews and Feedback All customer comments and reviews left to us by our visitors or customers, whether at any selling platform, websites, or any of our affiliates, is the property of mardams.com and they can be used by us or our affiliates in any way and we shall under no obligation whatsoever, be liable to pay for such information or respond to it. When a visitor leaves us that review, feedback or comment, they warrant that:

  • They are above 13 years of age
  • Their comment, review or feedback is correct and their own property
  • The content they provide does not violate our terms and conditions and will not cause harm to any person or entity.
  • They agree that no post submitted by them to our website, social media, or related accounts, will violate any right of anyone, including copyright, trademark, privacy or other personal or proprietary rights (s)
  • They agree that no posts submitted by them on our website, social media, or related accounts will be unlawful, abusive or obscene in nature
  • They shall remain solely responsible for the content left by them

NO WAIVER If a visitor breaches any of these conditions and Mardams take no action against them, we will still be entitled to use our rights and remedies in any other situation where the visitors breach these conditions. GOVERNING LAW, JURISDICTION & DISPUTE RESOLUTION The Terms & Conditions and all our policies and procedures will be governed by and interpreted in accordance to the United States Federal law and States of Illinois exclusive jurisdiction. These conditions are fully compatible with most European, and International laws. In an unlikely event of a disagreement between the buyer and Mardams.com, and if the matter cannot be solved with mutual understanding, then the parties agree that either party may refer any dispute arising out of, or in connection with, these Terms & Conditions, including any question regarding its validity or termination, to be finally settled by binding mediation. Please contact us in case of any questions regarding our Terms & Conditions.